References & Recommendations 


Jimmie P. Price
Partner, Price & Price
Attorneys at Law
101 Simonton
Conroe, Texas 77301 
(936) 756-5511

Jimmie P. Price is a founding partner of Price & Price; is Board Certified in Criminal Law and Family Law

Amy N. Montgomery

Partner, Reitzer Loudin & Montgomery, PC

350 Nursery Road, Suite 6101

The Woodlands, Texas 77380

(281) 378-3637

Amy N. Montgomery is a founding partner of Reitzer, Loudin & Montgomery, PC; Board Certified in Family Law

Price Letter of Recomm.7.10.2023
Letter from Amy Montgomery.6.30.2023


Partner at Price & Price

Attorneys at Law

Conroe, Texas 

"Sheila is smart, dedicated and the best employee anyone could ever hope to have!"

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